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North Korea warns U.S. against UN council call-out

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North Korea warns U.S.

North Korea warns U.S.

North Korea warned Monday it would not “sit idle” if any attempt is made at the UN Council to raise the subject of its “self-defensive measures,” an apparent reference to its recent missile tests.

Three European countries: Britain, France and Germany. Called for a closed door Security Council meeting Tuesday to discuss North Korea’s test last week of a sea-launched missile, saying it was a “serious violation” of UN resolutions.

North Korea’s ambassador to the UN, Kim Song, said that raising the issue “will further urge our desire to defend our sovereignty.”

The warning came two days after North Korea broke off nuclear talks with the United States in Sweden.

Fire Fight with Russia

Three Russian guards patrolling territorial waters have been injured following an attack by NOKO sailors on 16 August. The sailors were accused by Russia illegally crossing the border into Russian waters.

officers were detaining 13 ships, including 2 racketeering ships and 11 motor boats, in the Sea of Japan, when North Korean sailors opened fire on them.

In total, 56 North Korean sailors were involved in the incident. Reports of North Korean ships illegally crossing the border have risen in the past year from the FSS and the Russia’s Federal Customs Service.

Most of these ships were believed to be fishing boats, posing no danger. This is the first time North Korean sailors were confirmed to be carrying firing arms.

“We demand from the Korean side that comprehensive measures be taken in order to prevent other similar incidents,” the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement following the incident.

There are hundreds of Northern Korean boats at the territorial waters of Russia’s Far East, the Primorsk region fishermen association said in a statement earlier this year. Most of these ships are poachers illegally catching squid and fish.

They throw out nets on the navigation channels, which could be caught by propellers of commercial ships.

Moreover, North Korean sailors have been reported to act aggressively, and has been the cause of several conflicts with Russian fishermen over the past years, the Primorsk fishermen association said.

“terrible events”

North Korea’s top negotiator, Kim Myong Gil , warned Monday of “terrible events” unless the United States comes to the negotiating table well prepared.

He, made the remark at Beijing airport on his way back to North Korea from Sweden, where he had announced that the U.S.-North Korea working-level denuclearization talks that had restarted after months of stalemate “broke off” after just one day.

“If the United States is not well prepared, we don’t know what terrible events will happen,” Kim told reporters

He said that whether the talks continue hinges on the United States. North Korea said Sunday there was no way the United States would bring alternative plans for their stalled nuclear talks to a meeting proposed by Stockholm in two weeks after the negotiations broke down.

The working-level talks between U.S. and North Korean envoys were broken off on Saturday. The U.S. State Department said it had accepted Sweden’s invitation to return for more discussions with Pyongyang in two weeks.

North Korea said the ball was now in Washington’s court, and warned Washington that it would wait only until the end of the year for the United States to change course.

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