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Saudi Arabia’s Aramco back on FULL capacity

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China puts billions in iran

China puts billions in iran

Saudi Aramco has restored full oil production and capacity to the levels they were at before attacks on its facilities on Sept. 14, the chief executive officer of its trading arm, Ibrahim Al Buainain, said on Monday.

Oil output capacity was restored on Sept. 25, he told a conference in the United Arab Emirates’ city of Fujairah. Oil production was restored to its pre-attack level of about 9.7 million barrels per day or even “a little higher” to replenish inventories, he said.

The September 14 Iranian attack on a key Saudi Arabian oil facility serves as a warning about the Islamic Republic’s radical intentions — and its ability to destabilize international security.

Iran presents three different, yet interlinked threats, which were recently outlined by the head of the Iran Branch of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Military Intelligence Research Department.

Iran’s vision of the Middle East is one in which terrorist proxies can threaten US allies with fast-flying cruise missiles, explosive drone swarms, and ballistic missiles. It is worth noting that some of these weapons were, not long ago, considered capabilities that were exclusively possessed by state militaries. Today, they are available to terrorists who promote Iran’s hegemonic agenda.

As a result, the attack on Saudi Arabia marks a critical point in the development of the Iranian threat. The fact that Iran is able to produce reliable, accurate cruise missiles and long-range drones, as the attack demonstrated, means that its proxies will also be nourished by such weapons.

China pulls billions out iran!

China’s state oil company has pulled out of a $5 billion deal to develop a portion of Iran’s massive offshore natural gas field, the Islamic Republic’s oil minister said Sunday, an agreement from which France’s Total SA earlier withdrew over U.S. sanctions.

The South Pars field deal, struck in the wake of Iran’s 2015 nuclear deal with world powers, appears to be just the latest business casualty of America’s pressure campaign on Tehran following President Donald Trump’s unilateral withdrawal of the U.S. from the deal.

It also comes as China and the U.S. engage in their own trade war, as Beijing and Washington levy billions of dollars of tariffs on each other’s goods.

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