South Korean fighter jets were scrambled on Saturday

South Korean fighter jets were scrambled on Saturday 

“Two slow-flying aircraft presumed to be MI-2 choppers were spotted flying from skies near Kaesong close to the TAL yesterday morning,” a military source here said Sunday.

The South Korean scrambled KF-16 jets and FA-50 light jets over the Seoul metropolitan, While Haley said this on CHINA 

Washington’s outgoing ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley says China did not want a breakout of a war on the Korean Peninsula when North Korea was accelerating the development of its nuclear arsenals last year. 

In an interview with U.S. media outlet, The Atlantic, she says she learned China didn’t want military action and didn’t want North Korean refugees to come across the border.

She says she talked Beijing into cooperating on pressing the North over its nuclear program, including on an oil embargo. 

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